Neon Vegas Taz

This is a cool Taz sketch I was working on. After I went to Vegas. I started to create this piece in 3D. I wanted it to be like a real neon light. Unfortunately it got corrupt and I will have to it again from scratch.

Early Mud Runs

This is actually when it all started. Doing mud runs that is. This one was done when I was competing in the Camp Pendelton runs in California way back in the 90's.


Communing with nature. I like seeing hummingbirds. I will always stop and just watch them for a minute. Hold totally still and just let them do their thing. They are a treat to watch. So graceful.

Air Taz

I do not think I posted this one. This was when I use to play alot of basketball. It was a lot of fun and a serious cardio workout. I am not the best but other than making a shot or two I am great at running it out and getting in the way of the person I am covering so they can't make their shot.

Superbowl 2014

Well I am not into watching sports much. I do check out the super bowl but since I do not have a favorite team I just hope for a great match up. To have a close game so you are on the edge of  your seat till the buzzer sounds. This year it was not that. So I pulled out a piece of paper and did a quick sketch. Added a bit of color but from from done.

The WINNER of Superbowl XLVIII is........TAZ!!

Burpees for a snack!

I have been taking on a lot of fitness challenges lately. A new way to get motivated and to try new things. Some have been Spartan workouts. One in particular was 30 Burpees for 30 days. Man do I hate Burpees. This seems to be a general feeling. They are a great all over workout though. Well I found someone that does like them.

Everyone Loves a Frosty

I had some spare time in the evenings while visiting my folks for Christmas. They were asleep along with my son so I busted out a pad of paper and a pencil. "Everyone loves a Frosty".


When you are hungry you have to get some food. I was starving at the Macaroni Grill when I drew this guy. I like the feel of it for sure. Taz saying, "I have my SanMich...@#$^&)(*&^$#!!"

Crazy Drivers

   This is how I was feeling thinking about all the ace drivers on the road that evening. Everyone driving thinking they were the only ones out there and being on their cel phones. When I honked at them so they would not hit me they gave me a stare like I was the one at fault. I just wanted to say, What the hey are you doing!!
   This is another Macaroni Grill creation. I have created something cool every time I have gone. I make sure to grab two of each of the colors available from the hostess before I sit down.

Rapuznels Meets Taz

Taz getting wrapped up in Rapuznels locks. Another Macaroni Grill creation.

Quick tease of Latest

These are a couple of new guys I am working on. 

Taz in The Hat 2012

Everyone knows Dr. Suess. I was hanging at my sisters house watching a movie and saw a Cat in the Hat book over in the kids play area. Julian saw it and read it to dad. After we were done reading and while watching out movie I decided to make my Taz version. Tried to nail the art style as well.

Its all about the Pirate Booty Savvy

I love the Pirate of the Caribbean movies. Love the Jack Sparrow... excuse me... CAPTAIN.... Captain Jack Sparrow character. So of course there will be a few Taz version of him. Here is one I did while waiting for my sons mother to bring him back to me. Seemed she was 5 hours off. So while hanging out at the pick up location with nothing to do I created this Captain Taz Sparrow with all his booty...... Savvy!

Hanging by a string

Ever since I have been divorced from the mother of my son I have felt that there have been so many things out of my control. She has made decisions that will better her life but in turn that causes me to loose time with my son. Sometimes I just feel like I am hanging there waiting for someone to cut the only support line I have left and just drop.

Angry Birds July 2012

My little man, like everyone else, is all over the angry bird phenomena. We play the levels together. No matter where we are he will always find any angry bird stuff and point it out. One day while playing some of the game I did a quick sketch of an idea I had


While watching Shrek for the millionth time with Julian I was inspired to create this little number. Still working on it but you get the idea. Wolfie.....

Macaroni Grill again

Still loving the Macaroni Grill. Cool way to knock out one idea for a Taz piece while I eat. I finish it up later on but a good start. Here is what pasta in my mouth makes me think about.


I get alot of inspiration for my Taz images from my son. We were sitting together watching the Curse of The Ware-Rabbit. It is part of the Walach and Grommit cartoons. Well I decided to make a Taz version. This is still very early on. Just dropped in a little color to help me visualize it a bit more.

Quick Sketches March 2012

When I am visiting my son Julian, I sometimes get ideas about Taz drawing I want to do. So I will grab a scarp of paper and get some things down so I can remember my thoughts. I will make final line drawings later on and finally a finished piece at some point. I have realized I have times when I am sure creative or on the ball with Taz ideas so I roll with it and just concentrate on that for a while. There could be days or months that go by before I do another one but I am fine with that. As you can see I have loads to work on mean while.

Taz On Dragon

Another Macaroni Grill creation. I started this while having dinner with my son. We had been watching how to train your dragon earlier. So I had the lines figured out and had started to color it in. I decided to finish it like this. Then I tore the paper around to make it look like clouds. I will mount it on a blue sky and frame it to have it up in my sons room. He loved it.

Joe's Crab Shack

Finally hit the old Joe's Crab Shack. Always seen the place but never stopped in. They have some cool decor in there. Would make some nice pictures. I will remember that. Oh yes so I doodled this guy on a napkin and did a final version of it just this evening.

Prep & Landing

Take a look at the latest addition to the team. Thought it would be cool to draw after seeing the video for the movie many time with my little man.

Got to love food

Usually, when I am drawing Taz, I tend to start with the face. It is a great way to start and helps me figure out what direction to take him. Here is Taz leaping forward to pounce on some food. Watch out.

Watch D.O.G.S. 2012

I found myself at Macaroni Grill again. Trying to think about what I would create during this meal. I was up enjoying time with Julian. Taking him to school and doing all the during the week stuff with him. As well as another Watch Dog volunteer day. So I came up with this. Work in progress.

Seasonal Help 2011

Taz was hoping to do a little volunteer work this holiday season. To see if his help made a difference. He did not think he would be helping out in this way.

Puerto Vallarta 2011

I had a great time on my yearly vacation in Puerto Vallarta. I learned that the symbol for PV was a boy on a sea horse with a sombero. It has lots of meaning and symbolism. So I decided to make my own version of it Taz style.

Margarita on the Rocks or with Bees

When I was on a trip to San Carlos Mexico I was becoming just a little bit annoyed at the bees that were trying to land in my drink. But then i realized that the reason they were flying so slow was because they were taking a sip of our adult beverages. They were just on vacation as well. So here is Taz wondering what this bee is doing in his drink.

Stay Strong and Love Like Crazy

These are words I am trying to live by now. I need this to help keep my mind focused as I continue to fight to have custody of my son again. Trying to do things that keep my busy and distracted. So a good friend of mine asked me to try and create a Taz picture that represented this. Not sure if it quite captures it but it is a good first attempt. This was done with basic crayons at the Macaroni Grill.

Damn Yellow Jacket Aug 2011

I was hiking in Sedona when I ran into a hidden nest of yellow jackets. Well these suckas had a mean streak in them and can sting more than once. Hard to defend yourself when you can see them. I tell you he got me with a sucka punch when I was not looking. I want a rematch. Anyway here is what that inspired.

Scuba Taz July 2011

My buddy Scott needed a partner for Scuba and it was something I have always wanted to learn. So this was the time. We have our exit dive to schedule and then we are certified. What I love about snorkeling now taking it to a deeper level.